Being Christian in a Bank Town

Although not an official Common Christian Party event “Being Christian in a Bank Town” will be hosted by members of CCP (at this time there are only two of us). I just ask for your prayers as me and my friend Rod venture out into the community and present a different Christian narrative to some of our counterparts. We are going to be hosting a dinner/dialogue/conversation with some of our friends and acquaintances that share a concern for the displacement and alienation that is occurring in our community due to the constant shifting economic/social forces here in Charlotte, NC.. We basically want to bring the gospel to bear on a precarious situation we see emerging here in Charlotte.

Also, we have been doing a poor people’s fast. Rod got this idea from an article he read in the Christian Century. Essentially, the idea is to incorporate a diet that is the diet of most of the people of the world. What it does is create greater empathy for those less fortunate than us. In our culture it is becoming more difficult to create spaces where people can have empathy towards others. We are so fragmented and lonely…and distracted by our toys (whatever guise they may come in). So we are engaging in this holy discipline to allow the Holy Spirit to minister to us and through us as we invite some of the good people here in Charlotte to a kingdom feast.



5 thoughts on “Being Christian in a Bank Town

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  1. hey anthony, i just came across your blog and added it to my blogroll.

    i love the poor people’s fast idea. i’m looking forward to conversations in the future.


  2. st. phransus,

    thanks for checking us out over here at mepn. I will definitely put you on my blogroll once I figure out how to do it correctly. i am not adept with computers at all.


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