Ate and Drank with Jesus today

Today was a decent Mother’s Day. It was odd. The wife was missing, the center of the celebration. I visited my friend Steve Knight’s church today, Warehouse 242. Pastor Marcey has been teaching a series titled “Coffee with Jesus”. Essentially the topic is about pressing questions you would ask Jesus if you had the chance to sit down and drink a cup of joe with him. Today’s question centered around “why did Jesus have to die for my sins?”. Good question. He challenged us not to ask or answer this with preconceived notions (a challenge to be sure) or a pre-fabricated system. Essentially the question and the answer have to do with the nature and character of the God Christians worship…and the status of humanity before a Holy God. Good stuff. I did jot down a few questions during his sermon to ask myself later.

The highlight of the service was the Eucharist (Communion). I have been in a vagabond existence as far as Church membership goes for the past couple of years. This was the first time in a long time that I participated in the Eucharist. The pastor directed us to take a moment of reflection on our lives. The thought that came to me while partaking of the sacraments was what Jesus says on his way up to the cross. The words from the gospels came to mind when Jesus, on the road to Golgatha, says he is making all things new. The insight today while partaking of the body and blood of Christ is that I am participating in God’s mission to make all things new. I know there is much more to the Eucharist than that but that was the fruit of my reflection as I ate and drank with Jesus today. Thank God for the hospitality of the saints.


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