Worship in the Spirit of Justice

Brian McLaren and CRCC will be hosting a number of gatherings in D.C. during June and July dealing with issues related to justice and peace throughout the globe. I might be going.


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  1. Anthony B.,

    I think my man who wrote this article has created a serious strawman here. Emergent doesn’t necessarily equate to being pro-homosexual lifestyle. There maybe some Emergent types that are soft on the gay issue but I don’t see how this guy can come off as saying that “Emergent” is unbiblical because there maybe some voices in Emergent that are soft on the homosexual issue. I think that’s faulty logic. If that is the case then I should leave Evangelicalism altogether. There are racist still in the Evangelical church but I wouldn’t go so far as to suggest that “all” Evangelicals are racists.

    The same goes for those who may be soft on the homosexual issue. I actually don’t possess ill-will towards my fellow Christians on this issue. We may disagree on this particular issue but I find too much in the Emergent conversation that is hard to pass up right now. Mclaren and friends are speaking a language I have hearing before I even heard of them.

    And I have been critically reading this stuff. Its been a journey actually maybe we can talk about it one day.

    Thanks for the heads up though.

    Ant S.

  2. hey ant, i’ve been checking brian out this week. he’s the real deal. i’m sure you know that already. i’d make to to any gathering that he’s hosting. check ya later, bro.


  3. I am glad to hear that you are having a good time. Me and the fam have had some unexpected events happen in our family. My mother-in-law is dying of cancer. The doctors have given her 2 mos. to live. We have been praying for God’s mercy and will to be done. Its been crazy. I would have missed the conference even if had planned on going.

    If you could…pray for my family. Her name is Regina.



  4. brian talked very passionatly about the services and encouraged those who couldn’t come to dc, to do similar services on the same days. hearing him talk about the services i was way impressed with the church and their intention to mission through public worship. a whole lot more powerful than just showing up with picket signs imho.

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