Thanks For Your Prayers

I want to thank everyone who has been praying for my mother-in-law, Regina. My wife called me last night to tell me she is beginning to re-gain sensation on her right side. If you recall she had a stroke a couple of weeks ago. And while hospitalized the doctors discovered she was in the terminal stages of cancer. My wife took her for a spin in her wheelchair around the nursing facility she is at now. My wife started singing, under her breath, Third Days’ song “Your Love Oh Lord”. She began to cry. She told my wife that was her favorite song. I can’t really capture the power of this moment because my wife and her mom have had somewhat of a distant relationship over the years (not just geographical). Regina began to tell my wife how grateful she was for all that God had given her and thankful she was that there were people around the country praying for her that don’t know her. My wife said she was really blessed to hear that there are people all over the country praying for her. Thank you for your prayers.


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  1. I DID just stumble onto your blog and I find it absolutely facinating. I especially appreciate what you had to say about singing–and practice. I’m a pastor in Western North Carolina (Brueggemann was one of my professors). I find that, because of leading worship regularly, singing is one of the few times I actually GET to worship. Your thoughts on that will help make that even more meaningful to me. I’m sorry to hear about the prognosis of your mother-in-law. Prayer is so powerful, and she will be in mine. I’m adding your site to my favorites list.

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