Important Developments for Emergent US

This is from the Emergent US website:

Emergent’s growing influence has been surprising of late, even to those of us who have been hanging around this conversation for years. The requests for co-sponsored events, publishing partnerships, new networks, media requests and even the flood of emails from the website have been overwhelming to a volunteer organization.

Those of us who gathered last week in Northern Minnesota realized that we are facing an important moment: the Emergent conversation is gathering steam, and we need to continue to grow organizationally so we can respond well to the momentum. Thus, most of our conversation was around how can we structure ourselves so as to allow the many individuals who are already contributing to Emergent at various levels better opportunities for engagement and connection. To that end, we’ve decided to redouble our efforts at connection: we’re expanding the Coordinating Group, expanding and strengthening the Board of Directors, and developing a Board of Reference. We’re also working on plans to partner with individual contributors, church partners, and organizational affiliates. All of these plans will be laid out more fully in Emergent/C’s over the summer. But our first announcement comes in the form of the press release below.

Brian McLaren and Doug Pagitt

Emergent Appoints Tony Jones As First National Director

Minneapolis, MN. June 8, 2005 – Emergent today announced the appointment of Tony Jones as its first National Director. The group, which describes itself as “a growing, generative friendship,” has been increasing in both size and positive influence within the North American Church and, increasingly, the Church around the globe. Jones said, “I wholeheartedly believe Emergent will play a catalytic and generative role in the life of the American Church for years to come.” The appointment of Jones is recognition of the need for coordination of the vast volunteer efforts of Emergent.


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  1. sivin,

    i don’t know. i am kind of taking a wait and see posture. this seems like a natural progression to me. i know there are emergent types who take a very de-centered understanding of leadership. to some extent i don’t. i believe any conversation, movement, organization needs strong and wise leadership. i still remain sort of old school on the leadership piece. i don’t know tony jones personally but i hear good things about him from people i know. we’ll see. i think some in the conversation may be over-reacting to this development…as some sort of abandonment of a missional incarnational understanding of church. i don’t think so.

    what do you think?

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