This Weekend!

This is going to be a good weekend…I hope. Me and Steve Knight will be making a trek up to D.C. to join in the festivities of the “Worship in the Spirit of Justice” event that will be taking place in the Capitol. We plan on meeting up with some of the people that I’ve only conversed with over the blogosphere. My fellow negroblogian, Rod Garvin, will also be meeting up with us. If you haven’t checked it out…go to Rod’s blog. The brother has been droppin some soulful blogs.

I haven’t forgotten about my last post. I plan on talking about some of the ways, I believe, those of us in this conversation can resist the sin of the “normative gaze”. First I want to follow up on some of the great comments that have been made thus far.

Other things. My man Steve Bush over at Harbinger has laid out some great thoughts about the recent developments in Emergent (e.g. as Tony Jones being named National Coordinator). Like Steve, I believe this is a good direction. We’ll have to see how this plays out. Steve lays out the historical and theological context of the emerging church wonderfully. There are some other links to these developments that are worth reading. Like here and here. Also here.


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