Hard Times EC Cohort

Great conversation with some ec cohorts in the D.C. area. I’ll be posting highlights later. Here’s Stephen Shields bulleted list of discussion topics.


3 thoughts on “Hard Times EC Cohort

Add yours

  1. Anthony, 2 questions:

    1 – What’s your email addr?

    2 – For someone to get up to speed on your blog, what do you consider your “top 5 greatest blogposts of all time”?



  2. Stephen,

    1. I am sending you my email. Plus I am figuring out how to do the html on that. Steve K. is helping me fine tune somethings.

    2. Top five posts would be, me thinks:
    1. Family Resemblances parts 1,2,3
    2. Race and Emergent
    3. What is the prophetic?
    4. Everyday Apocalypse of Hip-Hop

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