Emerging Church on PBS, Part II

I thought it was a positive portrayal of the emerging church. With only ten minutes to explain things McLaren did a pretty good job in my opinion. This program has caused me to gain a deeper appreciation for the emergent cohorts scattered throughout the country. As this conversation gains more visibility people will be wanting spaces where they can inquire about what’s going on.

Also some good footage of brief interviews done at the last Emergent Convention. Here.


3 thoughts on “Emerging Church on PBS, Part II

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  1. Hey Ant. Thanks for the link to the additional footage. It is great to capture a take on emergent from people at the “grassroots”. It was also great to see the fair blend of generational representation.


  2. i think cohorts are going to be essential to the growth of emergent and the way that many of us will find communites to has out the theology of the emerging church as it relates to our unique demographics…

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