Jazz as resistance to the Principalities

I am bringing some of this together now. I have a quote from Rodney Clapp, a respected voice in the evangelical world, that really captured the connection between the jazz images I posted earlier and my recent post. I thought this was insightful:

Jazz can make us-especially the ‘us’ of white, middle- and upper-class, relatively comfortable American believers-better Christians. Put more pointedly and specifically, jazz can correct what James Cone, I am afraid with all too much justification, has called the “the heresy of white Christianity.” (p.185)

This is from Clapp’s book Border Crossings. This particular quote is from chapter 18 titled “That Glorious Mongrel: How Jazz Can Correct the Heresy of White Christianity”


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  1. A, I’d like to see a few more quotes from the chapter to get a little more on how Clapp (and you) see this role for jazz. I think that I fell in love with jazz because of the stories and the musicians who surrounded it, stories and people enveloped in a fight for freedom. The defiance of Miles. The anger of Mingus. The joy of Ellington. All the sounds of breaking free. –Zossima

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