On Hiatus

….until after the conference. I am focusing most, if not all, of my energies on tidying up this paper. I’ll be back after the conference.


8 thoughts on “On Hiatus

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  1. Anthony,
    I’m glad a friend turned me on to your blog. I’m going to put a link to yours on mine, I believe that people need to we interacting with what you are saying.

    It’s nice to find another darker hued person in this conversation.

    jazz theo

  2. well, i can’t make it to the conference like i had planned. i hope that it is recorded and that i can buy a copy of your presentation. either that or i’ll pester you for your notes and hand outs.

  3. Welcome home, bro!

    How as the presentation? I’ve been thinking a lot about our phone conversation and the content you shared for the presentation. Sounded very good in brief, so I expect the full deal is great.

    Look forward to seeing what you have to share!


  4. kris,

    it was a pleasure meeting you and scot. i received some great feedback. the q/a was great and challenging. steve bush asked a very challenging question about the bringing of together of different cultural backgrounds together and that clashing with prior socializations. still pondering that one. i think it went great. i plan on posting the paper on the blog once i figure out how to do it (i have no idea).


    glad to be home. i’ll be posting the paper once i figure out how to post it in pdf.


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