Ethnic Diversity Within the Church That Is Emerging

Rudy Carrasco has put together a list of people who are participants (at various levels) in the emerging church conversation countering the common stereotype that the emerging church is a white middle-class only club. While it is still over whelmingly white I would argue that it is now difficult to argue that there is ‘no’ diversity at all. Thanks Rudy for putting this together. Here are Rudy’s thoughts:

I get asked a lot about whether the emerging church discussion is just something for white guys with two books under the arm and a budget to travel around to conferences. Of course, rarely does anyone ask it in precisely that way, but that’s not far from a composite question. The answer is no. To be sure, there is dialogue happening at national events, in books and magazines, and on prominent blogs that often looks like the aforementioned caricature. But people who are familiar with Emergent and interested in the questions about church and culture, fixing what is broken, and epistemology, are diverse by geography, theological tradition, and ethnicity. You just may not be familiar with them. More here


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