Time for an upgrade!

Man! I have lost all my links fooling around with this thing. Time for an upgrade. Thinking about getting wordpress or something.


8 thoughts on “Time for an upgrade!

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  1. You can very easily use wordpress.com in the same way you’re using the blogger/blogspot.com combo. No installation required, no web hosting to purchase. Just sign up for a free blog at http://www.wordpress.com – Scobleizer, the Microsoft Geek Blogger, made the switch, you can too 🙂

  2. Will wordpress take my archives with it? I don’t like Blogger at all and would like to switch; however, with all the stuff I have on my blog, I don’t want to risk losing so much stuff!

  3. Lukas, 2 ways to handle your older blog posts: (1) copy/paste it into your new blog manually and adjust the timestamp back to the original date/time; (2) leave the old blog right where it is, on blogspot in this case, and then make a link to it from the new blog. That’s how tallskinnykiwi did it.

  4. anthony,

    I’m thinking about leaving blogger as well…why wordpress instead of typepad?

    And can anyone explain wordpress to me, their website doesn’t make sense to me.

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