My Favorite Posts for 2005

This has been an interesting year to say the least.  This year I was introduced to blog-dom.  Through this medium I have met some great people…and have actually became friends over these past several months with some good folks.  

With that I also want to re-cap my favorite posts this year.  I also wanted to do a re-cap of some of the conversations I have had on different blogs. 

Sacred Reading #1: thoughts on the kingdom

Being Church Locus Imperii (on the scene of empire)

Family Resemblances Part 2 

Family Resemblances Part 3

The Everyday Apocalypse of Hip Hop

What is the Prophetic?

Singing a New Song

Merton on my mind

Emergent and the issue of Race

Random thoughts on black Christianity

Practicing Pentecost

What is racism?



2 thoughts on “My Favorite Posts for 2005

Add yours

  1. Anthony,

    It was a good year of blogging and you had many great posts: thought provoking and enjoyable to read.

    Although we haven’t agreed on several applications of issues and theology, I always look forward to reading your current insights and musings.

    Here’s to Postmodern Negro 2006!


  2. glenn,

    I haven’t been sleeping on you brother. I have been intrigued by your journey through hip hop culture.

    Although we may disagree on some points I feel the love brother and the bond of the Spirit here.


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