From Exodus to Exile

From the Soul of Rod Garvin:

Do I have to assimilate to the ways of Babylon to fit into the gathering of the faithful? In much of the black church we have historical amnesia and forget from whence we have come, making us complicit with the larger American society’s desire to forget the past and ignore how it continues to impact the present. This brings us to a situation where our religious distinctions are more cosmetic (i.e. the color of the congregation and style of the music and preaching) than substantive (prophetic theology and counter-cultural liturgy). In the white church, I may have to be willing to foresake my ethnic identity and cultural sensibilities to become a part of that community. In the more multi-ethnic churches, which are making a serious attempt to “practice pentecost,” the theology may be caught up in the rapture and disconnected from the concrete socio-economic realities that give context to our salvation. I realize I am making very sweeping statements, but I just want to highlight the major stumbling blocks that make me a “homeless” seminarian at present.



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  1. Ant,

    I would like to email you a thought that I have about a multi-ethnic project, but I can’t find your email address anywhere . . . .

    Could you shoot me an email?


  2. Anthony:

    I’d like to get in touch with you too! I sent you an e-mail a couple of weeks ago; could you send me an e-mail with a phone number? If you’d rather call me, I can send you my phone number by e-mail.

    Dave Zimmerman

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