I normally don’t do this…but here are a few things on the plate.  I notice some bloggers occasionally put up their happenings.  I thought I’d do the same…just to let folks know I do live in the real world.

My two oldest boys, Isaiah and Israel, are preparing for a production of Aladdin at the Neighborhood Theatre here in Charlotte, NC in August.  I am proud of these young men.  They are taking this project serious with fun.

Preparing for a class that I’ll be teaching in the Fall at Warehouse242 here in Charlotte, NC.  It is called Bridge-Building.  Essentially I’ll be discussing racial reconciliation, poverty, and their relationship to postmodern missional communities.  I started a blog from our first class earlier this year.  I will be posting my notes and hope to bring some of the conversation over to the blog. 

Announcing the “Practicing Pentecost” Podcast

Steve Knight announces a project that Rod Garvin and I are working on together with the good folks at WiredParish.  We had our first recordings last week. In our first recording we discussed everything from racism and being missional to black megachurches.  Hopefully we will discuss what it means to be postmodern negros living an exilic existence in the Bible Belt. 

Greg Horton over at the Parish blogs about it.  There are a couple of podcast teasers there as well.  Greg has a great one.  I almost busted my gut listening to that brother.  Great combination of satire and serious theology. 

IVP is starting a line of books that will be addressing emerging culture called Likewise Books.  My brother David Zimmerman facilitates a blog for Likewise titled Strangely Dim.  I am currently working on a proposal myself.  I am hoping to see a generation of Christians build-bridges across racial, ethnic, social, and political lines.  I believe Likewise is going in that direction.


I’ll be giving a lecture on the Exodus story and African-american Christianity at Belmont-Abbey College in September.

Doug Pagitt gives some description of a new book that will be put out by Emergent Village and Baker in March 07′.  I have submitted an essay for this project.  Viva la revolution!


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  1. Ant,
    Sounds like things are busy on the writing and speaking front. Will you record and podcast the BB session and your talk at Belmont-Abbey?

  2. So glad to hear you’re a part of wired parish. Glad you enjoyed the podcast as well. I wish my voice was as clear and deep as Jon’s. I’ll just tell everyone he’s an evangelical if he gets more fan mail than me and no one will listen to him anymore.

    Can’t wait to hear what you have going on the podcasts.

    On a side note, and because I’m careless, can you email me (expastor at gmail dot com)? I lost your email when my laptop crashed and I don’t have a back-up system.

  3. Anthony,

    You need to post these personal updates more often. It is great to get a glimpse into your life, as busy as it is. I was excited by the name and concept of Bridge-Builders, as it is a focus of our ministry here in Winnipeg. Would you believe that I spent this week preparing for a presentation I am giving to my staff today on how to Bridge Builders across racial, cultural, sociao-economic, etc. lines? I look forward to hear more of what you are engaging in this regard.


  4. Anthony,

    Congrats…I look forward to reading/hearing more of your material in the future. Also it would be great if there were more opportunities for Reformed Negroes and Postmodern Negroes to be in conversation with one another along some of these lines.

  5. These are exciting projects, Anthony-thanks for keeping us informed. Speaking of books, there’s something I need to ask you about privately, but I couldn’t find an email address. Could you drop me a line at zoecarnate[at]theooze[dot]com? Thanks!

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