The Church and Postmodern Culture Project

My brother Geoff Holsclaw is coordinating a project with respected theologians and philosophers investigating the intersection of Christian theology and praxis within a postmodern culture. 

(ht: will samson)


6 thoughts on “The Church and Postmodern Culture Project

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  1. dude, anthony,
    i didn’t know you were blogging regularly again. my rss reader must be jacked or something b/c it kept saying nothing new was up.

    anyway, you’ll be posting on soon yourself, so don’t be too modest.

  2. this is great, i am probably a bit niave and overdosed on white emergent culture, but i really think the church (the people, not the building) needs to be a more diverse group, we tend to cloister together and pretend that there is no one else out there. Thanks for the link , the idea looks great, i’ll have to get the book. Also thanks for opening my eyes to see beyond the bounds of my own culture to see emergent/postmodern as more than a “white church” thing. I look forward to reading your posts and engaging in conversation.

  3. You colored boys are quite enamored of the polysyllables, aren’t you? “Praxis.” “Ecclesial.”

    Reading your blog is like listening to Al $harpton or Je$$e Jack$son speechify: it’s an exercise in nausea control.

    The postmodern procedure: Dress a little darkie up in nice clothes and watch him perform. But that’s all he’ll ever be – a little dressed-up darkie.

    Say hello to AfroKnee Bradley for us, won’t you?

  4. Yes, I must admit, as Negroes, we do “dress the part” and as far as performance goes, well just look at any sport Negroes decide to engage in. It is usually dominated by the Negro. It’s as if we were “fearful and wonderfully made” by God himself. It’s no wonder that certain folk within other ethnic groups get so insecure about themselves. As for me, I give thanks unto the Father for His wisdom is infinite and therefor, should not be questioned as to why he made the black man/woman so. We are just please to have been made to stand out so. -And every time I read posts like the previous one, it shows me how we as Negroes do take the things God has done for us for granted. Thanks for keeping me in remembrance of these things, Scoreboard.

    Grace & Peace

  5. Anthony –

    I thought your post on ecclesial whiteness and subsequent discussion were excellent. Here’s something interesting. In parallel with the whiteness discussion I was following Cynthia’s blog, where she was describing a book in which a white concert pianist was learning to play jazz. He said that he found himself “hearing with his fingers,” that in jazz the music becomes a more directly physical thing for the performer.

    I had just come from the whiteness discussion when I read this post, so I sent Cynthia a comment that went something like this: Blacks came to America as slaves, where they did the whites’ work “by the sweat of their brows” — God’s curse on Adam in Gen. 3. In my comment I wondered whether everything physical became associated with the Fall, the lower nature, the “old man,” evil. Athleticism, sexuality, jazz, dancing, fighting — physical prowess get attached to blackness, letting whites maintain a deluded self-image of holiness and goodness.

    So I sent this comment to Cynthia for her approval, but it never got posted. So I sent it to her again a couple days later — again, it never showed up on the blog. Now I’ve posted comments on her blog before, and new comments have appeared there since I sent her mine. So now I think: hmm, my comment was inappropriate.

    Not to be deterred, I’m now send the comment your way. Since I see scorebored’s comment sitting here, I doubt you’ll sensor mine. So what do you think — tactless, marginally racist, blatantly racist, just plain wrong? I expect not many of your other readers are going to show up here, so if you don’t mind, put up a quick response with your reaction and I’ll be sure to look for it.


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