Thinking about Writing and God…

A confession: yesterday when I wrote that last piece on King I just had a tooth extracted 2hours earlier.  Forgive me for the grammatical errors.  I told myself this year that I would work extra hard at presenting a better quality of writing.  A good friend of mine told me today that if you are going to write…write.  And write good.  Write not so much to impress but write out of a sense of moral excellence.  Of course it never dawned on me to to see writing as an ethical act…a form of holy living.  Not just the exercise of writing itself but the form and abiding by the rules of the guild.  A part of my New Years Revolution will be to be more conscious of ‘how’ I write my post.  I pretty much don’t proofread my blogposts.  Part laziness…part I don’t take myself too serious.  But as a good friend of mine reminded me today…if anything is worth doing it is worth doing well.  So…I’ll try my best my friends to stay on the path of holy writing.  Now on to God…

I have been pretty much on hiatus from the blogging world.  A post here and there.  Largely because I have been reading and thinking through things.  Theology, history, philosophy, culture, etc..  Trying to better understand the arguments, the books, the postmodern thing, the emerging church movement.  One of the elements of my reflection has been the non-domesticable-ness of God.  I have been intrigued by Peter Rollins recent book How (Not) To Speak of God (must read!).  He talks about how in our theology (thinking and language about God) we attempt to hold onto God…but in faith (our response to the aftermath of God’s hyper-presence) we are held by God.  There is a certain Pentecostal resonance (I’m feelin’ that) there.  

Anyways…I have been listening to and reading a couple of theological voices that have been a part of this conversation.  I have nothing more to say except to throw a couple of quotes up.  And these are simply reflections on God…as it relates to love and being a gift.

“Dear friends, let us love one another, for love comes from God. Everyone who loves has been born of God and knows God. Whoever does not love does not know God, because God is love.”

– I John 4:7-8

“And I know ya’ll heard before 

These same old metaphors

My Love is so much more”

Mary J. Blige, song, No One Will Do. from her latest album The Breakthrough



7 thoughts on “Thinking about Writing and God…

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  1. “Of course it never dawned on me to to see writing as an ethical act…a form of holy living. Not just the exercise of writing itself but the form and abiding by the rules of the guild.” Great thought. I might argue that our writing can be in pursuit of moral excellence rather than an expression of moral excellence. Then again, I’m not all that morally excellent anyway.

  2. Hi there,

    So my comments did not get published so I rewrite.

    I enjoy your blog. You write very well and profoundly too.

    Hope some of my hilarious testimonies will tickel your funny bones.

    Keep up the effort. Cheers to more fun and learning.

    Greetings from a fellow toastmaster in Singapore.

    Choo Choo

  3. Gosh. Sorry for the typo error on tickel. It should be “tickle”. Yes, am quite a perfectionist when it comes to writing, for we have to be accurate for the sake of our readers.


    Choo Choo

  4. Couldn’t agree more on Rollins’ book. There is a certain passive-ness of our faith that is lost when we spend too much time domesticating God. Thanks for your contribution and insight (in)to the conversation.

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