Emergent Manifesto of Hope


I have been derelict in my duties of reporting and blogging about a forthcoming book being put out by a collaboration between Emergent Village and Baker Books: An Emergent Manifesto of Hope. APRIL 1st!  I received two copies in the mail last week.  It was a surreal moment when I saw my name in the table of contents.  I read alot but never imagined I’d see my name in a book.  Cool!  Shica, my wife, and the kids were ecstatic.  I’ll be the first person in my family to be a part of a published work…I think.  All of my family and friends are excited.  They are also getting the word out about this emerging Christian movement of friends popping up all over the place.  What’s really cool is actually knowing the people that have made chapter contributions. 

I am humbled by the friendships I have come across in this conversation.

The introduction by Tony Jones is slammin’.  He talks about ‘friendship’.  Something I have been thinking alot about lately.  In our culture we rarely have good discussions about the contours, virtues, and practices necessary for ‘good’ friendship.  I recently re-read a section on friendship in a book written by Stanely Hauerwas and Charles Pinches titled Christians Among the Virtues.  In this particular section they describe Aristotle’s three kinds of friendships:

1.  Friendships of Utility

2. Friendships of Pleasure

3. Friendships of Virtue

I won’t get too deep into this except to say that Emergent Village strikes me as more of a friendship of virtue.  The friendship is defined by its telos or goal or purpose.  The purpose of our friendship is to lean towards those ‘goods’ that take us into the direction of the way of Jesus in the world. 


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  1. wow, congratulations! this is all very exciting, and hopeful, I’m sure… I know there’s an African-American voice, and a Latino voice in the book; would you know if there’s also an Asian voice in the mix?

  2. Anthony,

    Congrats on the book!! I can’t wait to read it. Is there a way for me to purchase it that will give you credit… like, do you have an Amazon account or something?? If not, I’ll just go pick it up!

    We met at a couple of the Charlotte cohorts meetings. I’ve been missing them, but I am still on the journey. What a ride!

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