Someone asked…

What is a Christian? why are you people here? what do you do?

I said:

Let me explain some of this.  I can’t speak for all of them cause some of them act like the very folks that crucified the person they worship every Sunday. 

What is this all about you ask?  How can I break this down for you young brutha?

Its like stuntin’ like my daddy…we do what we see the Father doing.  Its about giving away an impossible love…like the love Mary J. Blige talked about.  The love that is more than a metaphor.  Its also about being a part of a non-violent insurgency.  An insurgency that continues the insurrection started by The Peasant 2,000 years ago.  

So…what is Easter all about?

I’ll give you part of the story I’ll think you’ll appreciate.  Easter is about The Peasant  being vindicated.  Easter was God’s Okay-ing The Peasant’s insurrectionist activity.  You see…The Peasant was killed partly because he live out an impossible love that turned upside down the world as folks understood it.  A world where the powerful lived to fullest at the expense of those at the bottom.  The Peasant’s insurrection was beginning to turn that situation around.  Before the insurrection could reach fever pitch they killed The Peasant.  All was thought to be lost.  But God raised The Peasant from the dead in order to vindicate and continue the Insurrection.

Who follows this Peasant today?

Those you see calling for an Insurrection against a world that subverts God’s justice. 


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