Jesus Walks

We praise you Lord God!  We thank you for the sending of your Son into this beautiful mess called creation.  He was tortured and killed by the might of a godless Empire.  You vindicated him by raising him from the dead.  Now you call us to sit in heavenly places to practice the politics of the insurrection-resurrection.  We wrestle against sin, death, and satan while walking in the goodness and sunshine of Your presence.  Walk with us Lord! Ay-men!

My good friend Steve Knight offers a meditation on the Resurrection.  (Steve, I love that image of Jesus)

My 2007 Easter Soundtrack:

Track Title  | Artist | Album

 1. Lord Give Me A Sign DMX Lord Give Me A Sign
 2. Jesus Walks (Remix) Kanye West One Million Strong Vol.2 [Edited Version]
 3. Be (Intro) Common Be [Edited Version]
 4. Pass Me Over Anthony Hamilton Ain’t Nobody Worryin’
 5. To
Lauryn Hill The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill
 6. No More Drama Mary J. Blige No More Drama
 7. The Emperor’s Soundtrack (Amended Album Version) Lupe Fiasco Lupe Fiasco’s Food & Liquor
 8. Black Jesuz Outlawz Still I Rise [Edited Version]
 9. When You Praise Fred Hammond Purpose By Design
10. You Are The Living Word Fred Hammond Purpose By Design

8 thoughts on “Jesus Walks

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  1. Jesus Christ is the ONLY incarnation, the only perfect person that ever walked the earth the Antichrist is no incarnation, but a “(demon poccessed genetically enginerred super human)” Jesus is God in human flesh, God came down to earth as a human to breath and experience the emotions of a human being but (He) was not of the human race He was a perfect sinless being, for as long as we hold on to the things that hinder us and the things that casue us to sin, until we act like children of jesus Christ we’ll never enter the Kingdom Of Heaven nor will we understand who Jesus is and what His nature is.

    The END IS NEAR so commit your lives to Jesus Christ my fellow man, and do not give into the filth of seculatism and the devil.

    This life is only for a moment but eternity lies with Jesus who is God!

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