Captured by Love

They say time heals the wounds of life.  A nice thought but a difficult one to actually live with.  I’ve been recently wounded by life to find out that true love is a gift from God and not a product of human achievement.  Love captures us in its mysterious embrace.  For the past couple of weeks I have even asked God to take away this love that has captured me.  God does not answer.  What to do?  Love will not give up its embrace.  Is this mercy?


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  1. …hmm…Hassid v’raham, full of grace and mercy.

    I’ve been saying the Hebraic concept of love is best understood as “loyalty”. Hesed. Deep loyalty is mercy? They say love is blind, makes you look through rose colored lenses but I don’t believe that is Hesed. Hesed beholds with loyalty. Just as parent has Hesed for his child, for example, so is the Hebraic word “Mercy” interestingly related to the Hebrew word for womb (raham)

    What is the way of a Hassid (one full of Hesed)? He looks to give the world his loyalty. Everyone is a sponge seeking loyalty. But he is the anti-sponge, a spigot of love, he just wants to give it. That is a very strange man indeed. He is the Tzadik par excellance. That is why Jewish tradition suggests that there only 40 people on the earth at any one time who are tzaddikim…but from these spigots flow all the love of the world.


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