I’m Back Without Vengeance

Hello friends.  I finally have my internet hooked up in my new spot.  Its been a wild couple of months of turmoil, transition, and torture.  Now I’m back in the blogosphere.  My past infrequency was tied to my previous request for prayer.  A couple of things have changed in my life:

1.  I have become a member of a church (after being on a six year church hiatus…only attending different churches).  I am now a member of Christ Central Church.  Senior pastor Howard Brown and associate pastor Giorgio Hiatt.  Great community.  Folks have been there for a brutha over the past several months.  Life-giving friendships have been forged and are being forged.

2.  A couple of writing projects are on the fire.  I’ll update anyone still reading this blog in the near future.  In my travels I found An Emergent Manifesto of Hope in just about every Borders or Barnes-Nobles I run into.  That’s really cool!

3.  Thinking about the blues, social justice, love, and friendship.

Expect more blogging in the near future.  For real.   


8 thoughts on “I’m Back Without Vengeance

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  1. Your re-entrance is a sight for sore-eyes. Glad to see your back. I’m still praying for you and your family. Now bring on the postmodern musings.

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