My good friend Steve Knight is a contributor to some groundbreaking publishing.  An excerpt from his recent blog entry.

Voices of the Virtual World

It’s been called “a breakthrough experiment in Christian publishing.” It’s also been called “a far-reaching exploration of spiritual journey within a culture of increasingly immersive technology.” It’s The Wikiklesia Project, and it’s an online, self-organizing, collaborative, virtual publishing event that was completed from start to finish in just days. (And I was fortunate to be one of the contributors, alongside Scot McKnight, Peter Rollins, Kester Brewin, Andrew Jones, Rex Miller, Andrew Perriman, Stephen Shields, and others!) Read more about it over on my Kingdom Journalism blog or just order the e-book right now (cost = just $15; all proceeds go to the Not For Sale campaign).

Steve also pointed out to me this recent article on a supposed Al-qaeda/Emerging church connection.  I know…this is straight-up crazy.  The lengths folks will go to prove others wrong and themselves right.  Lord have mercy!

The Al-Qaeda/Emergent Church Connection – Seriously?

I could go on and on, with stuttering sarcasm, pretending articles like Frank Pastore’s “Why Al-Qaeda Supports the Emergent Church” are just really clever satire, fit for the pages of The Onion or Lark News. But that wouldn’t be true. The truth is Pastore is a popular Christian radio announcer in Los Angeles, winner of the National Religious Broadcasters “Talk Show of the Year” award in 2006. So this is no joke.


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  1. This is the craziest thing I’ve ever read. The guy should take a course in logic (Logic 101). I can’t understand that a man like that can be a popular Christian announcer. He sounds like the crazy folks in the documentary “Jesus Camp”.

  2. this is incredible! this fellow has obviously worked hard to tenuously link two of his pet hates. the nationalistic+Orientalist+pseudo-christian rhetoric is so jarring.

    talk about a leap of faith… this guy’s a pro.

  3. I got a pretty good idea what this guy’s idea of “Christianity” is as soon as he referred to hate crime legislation as anti-christian. The rest of the article just confirmed that he is incapable of understanding Christianity as anything that could exist outside his own cultural context.

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