Wonder why the preacher said “God-damn America”?

Sean Bell (May 18, 1983November 25, 2006)


3 thoughts on “Wonder why the preacher said “God-damn America”?

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  1. I am not saying that what those cops did was right. I also may not have heard the entire story correctly but didn’t he ram his car into a couple of police vehicles before they finally stopped him. They also believed that he was pulling out a weapon. 50 shots is way over the top, I agree. But it also wasn’t unwarranted shooting. The guy was behaving violently and showing aggression. Again, that’s assuming I have the story right.

  2. This is truly an injustice. I read that his fiance, Nicole, had to get up and leave the courtroom during the verdict, shouting “50 shots is not murder?” How can something like this be made right?

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