Deliver us

I look to the sky for deliverance…none comes
I look to my right and my left for deliverance…none comes
I take a trip inside my soul and no help comes
I live in a world of betrayal, broken hearts, and bruised souls
A world of oppression, devastation, and alienation
I stand in a crowd of dream killers and nay sayers
My heart and my world can’t take it anymore
Deliver us
Although the sky does not respond
My heart continues to direct its gaze up Above
Like Earth, Wind and Fire said back in the day
“Keep your head to the Sky”
The silence from Heaven is killin’ me
This is the dark night of my soul
God has takin’ leave
Deliver us
From the vampires of my soul
From my fatal cynical role
The bills, the debt, my credit, unscrupulous women
From my cubicle that’s really a prison
From fake folk who pretend to listen
Deliver us
Toward a better place for our souls
Toward destiny rather than fatalistic roles
Toward hope not despair
Toward friendship
Toward the heart of the One who’s presence
Where life true and whole dwells 


4 thoughts on “Deliver us

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  1. There are things that sometimes are too powerful to express in prose, and only the language of poetry will suffice. Like the great poet Langston Hughes, you too can say, “My soul has grown deep like the rivers.” God bless you my brother, the dream is not deferred, it only seems that way.

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