Not Voting as Violence…

or Why I get suspicious when white men tell me not to vote.  I just contributed a brief article on the topic of voting over at the Emergent Village blog.  I hope to write more on this later.


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  1. Anthony,
    Thanks so much for your contributions to this important conversations. Even in the brief dialog that it sparked on the Emergent Village website I have been challenged by you, and the other participants in that space to think more carefully and reflectively on these important issues. I said two things in my comment that I still stand by. 1.) I do not pretend to understand this fully, and 2.)There are more intelligent people than myself to have this conversation.

    I thank you that you are one of those “more intelligent people” and that you are helping me become more equipped to understand from a wider perspective.

    I felt that my original comments on that site could be read in a negative voice and I wanted you to know that this is not the case. I did not want to steer the conversation off course there, but I thought a private email would not be appropriate so I hope you will forgive me for voicing my appreciation for you here in this space instead.

    I am aware that it is impossible to say everything that needs to be said in one sitting and I am also aware that it is too easy to overstate things in a negative way just to make a point. I hope that my comment was not interpreted as anything other than a humble contribution to the conversation.

    Your fellow ecclesial dreamer,


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