Truly Historic

I never imagined that in my lifetime I’d see such a thing in the United States of America.  No matter your political persuasion you have to recognize that tonite was truly a historical moment for our society.

Senator Obama’s acceptance speech: The American Promise


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  1. Unbelievable. Some 40 years ago, I stood on a hill and watched Washington burn following the assassination of a man with a dream. It is a gift to see this in my lifetime.

  2. I made my kids watch – truly historic. I wept the night before when the nomination was ratified and they kept showing old civil rights workers with tears streaming down their faces. What a moment for those that were so involved with the struggle back then; and continue the struggle today.

    I’m looking forward to the inaugural address now. I might have to go downtown (D.C.) for that one, I’ve never done that before.

  3. That speech represents so many things coming to fruition, doesn’t it? As soon as he stepped on that ramp I was already tearing up. My emotions were as much in a similar state of awareness as when I realized my debts were forgiven…Funny that. I think that as a minority in this country I really took things for granted. I never realized that I was carrying a burden. Is this an awareness of an “atonement”? A trajectory of my life has changed. My life is different now.

  4. anthony – . . . it truly was – i don’t think my mind or heart could bear the total weight and significance of the moment/present. hope you’re doing well.

    mike of aikenSC

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