Elegy I

Art by Andrea Knarr
Art by Andrea Knarr
I loved. With every fabric of my being I loved. But I have the good fortune of living in a world of flux. In constant shifting. There is this continuum I live in of loss and renewal. It is a loss that seems to have gotten the best of me. Loss is a difficult reality. We hold on to things that do not want to be there. We want to place ‘the leaving ones’ in the deepest caverns of our hearts. But they do not want to stay there. How do you go on? How do you let go? They say time heals the deepest wounds. I agree to a point. Yet the pain still lingers even though it may be a faint whisper in a healing soul. In this season of elegy I’ve come to recognize the pain, wound, loss, and lost love as a true gift. Had I not possessed this gift I would not know ‘me’ or atleast the me that God gazes at every moment and in every breath I take. 
Love can be painful.   This is the beginning  of my own elegy.  Confession is good for the soul.

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