On Pilgrimage In Scripture: Mile One

Recently I was challenged to not quench the Spirit with my mind. That I tend to overthink the things of God with my intellect. I repent and confess. I have overthought the fragile wind of God’s voice in my soul from time to time. And most of those times were during moments when someone needed a simple word from God and I gave them more of my thoughts than what was actually needed. So…I’ve been called out. What to do? I have found solace in a passage that has led me to this point:

12 We have not received the spirit of the world but the Spirit who is from God, that we may understand what God has freely given us. 13 This is what we speak, not in words taught us by human wisdom but in words taught by the Spirit, explaining spiritual realities with Spirit-taught words.

– I Corinthians 2 TNIV

When I read this passage in meditation something burst within me. A desire to have my words to no longer be carried by the power of my mind but that my words would be carried by the Spirit. Its simple really: I want to be taught by the Spirit so that my words are Spirit-taught words. And this is all by the grace of God. So…I’m taking advantage of this precious grace that has been given to me in this season of my life. With this revelation I’ve been further instructed to go on pilgrimage into the depths of scripture. To enter the strange and beautiful land of the Bible.

Typically pilgrimage is about actual travel to a geographical location. In this case I’ll be traveling into the geography of the Spirit…into the depths of God’s heart. No GPS required except an open heart and bended knees.

To all my friends that may be reading this pray for me. Pray that I get all that need from this pilgrimage into scripture. Thank you.

We begin our journey with I Kings 17 and I Corinthians 1-2.

Closing Prayer:

Bless you God.

All of my soul bless your Holy Name! 

Fix me O’God.

Go into the depths of my being and make straight every crooked place that brings pain to myself and others. Spirit climb into the dark places of my soul and bring precious beautiful light. The light that brings redemption, salvation, wholeness, peace, and love.

Let me be just to my own soul! I cannot be just towards others unless I’m first just to myself.

Teach me oh God how to love myself! Teach me how to love my enemy and neighbor. More importantly teach me God to love You.

Let your wonderful Spirit teach me precious words. Let my words be Your words. Let my desire be Your desire.

All that I have is Yours. I am Yours. Let your kingdom come!



3 thoughts on “On Pilgrimage In Scripture: Mile One

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  1. Anthony,

    I saw your facebook status so I decided to cruise over to your blog . . . haven’t checked it out in 2 years, at least.

    Anyways, the verse you’re mediating upon is very interesting because I JUST FINISHED lecturing about this verse to my 11th and 12th grade Bible students.

    Not a coincidence–it’s really cool. Keep up your pure and holy pursuit of Jesus through the leading of His Spirit, bro.


  2. I love the thought of pilgrimage into scripture. It is a journey through word, but with the Spirit we enter into the contours of our heart. A geographical terrain that only God knows, ” for I know the heart of man.” It’s here where we are changed. I pray for your journey…please, pray fro mine. Peace…Ron+

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