Coming back…

Its been a minute since I’ve done any solid blogging. Actually its been a couple of years. I could provide a number of excuses. Like a divorce, healing, finding a church again, starting a ministry, and finding love again. That’s the skinny version of my life for the past three to four years. Its been an arduous yet joyful journey. Many blessings in disguise. I’m hoping to start my blog journey again plus bring in the new leg of my journey with a missional community me and a couple of friends have started called Mission House. First, I need to clean this place up. Any suggestions friends?


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  1. In cleaning up, are you asking about changing a theme? If so, then my next question is: Are you thinking of keeping this as a site or switching to a hosted site? There should be some nice new themes for the free version you’re using right now. If you’re thinking of going with something hosted, you can get free hosting with: All you need to do is buy a domain name. I have a bunch of wordpress themes tagged and saved at my delicious page:

    That may be more information than you want! 🙂 I hope that helps.

  2. B”H

    Hey Anthony,

    Welcome Back! We have never met, but I was reading your blog on a semi-regular basis. I hope to see more of your writing and posts here in the near future.

    No need to offer excuses my brother. We are all often caught in the snares of life. I pray that you are in a good place where you can both give and receive as the LORD leads us all along the way.



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