I have been reading and reflecting on a couple of things.

1. Just received a copy of The Teaching of the 12 by Tony Jones. This should be a great conversation partner with the missional community I am a part of, Mission House.

2. People of the Spirit by Graham Twelftree. An illuminating text on St Luke’s understanding of the church’s mission.

3. Gospel of Luke. Right now Mission House is in Ch. 4. We are learning that the gospel call us to continue what Jesus began ‘to teach and do.’

4. Hebrew Prophets. We are finishing up Elijah-Elisha now. I’m reading the prophets with a small community in Cooleemee, NC, New Harvest Ministry. Just as Elisha inherits the mantle of Elijah when he ascends we have inherited the mantle of Jesus after his Ascencion.

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  1. I never thought of inheriting Christ’s mantle when he was taken up. Thanks for pointing that out Anthony.
    God is good

  2. Hi Anthony, I had a question (or two šŸ™‚ )about Black Liberation Theology.
    There are some great Christian books out there that seem to draw from Black Liberation Theology (like that of James Cone).
    Shane Claiborne’s Jesus for President, Rob Bell’s Jesus Wants to Save Christians…

    Exodus from oppressors is a major theme of these works for example.

    The only thing is, from what I have skimmed, they don’t give any credit to Black Liberation Theology. If that is true, can you think of why that would be?

    Thanks so much, Ben

    1. I’m not sure about Rob Bell. But I do know that Shane Claiborne is familiar with the themes of Black Liberation Theology. Why doesn’t he mention it specifically? I’m not sure if he has or not. And honestly I’m not sure if Shane draws alot from Black Liberation thought. I hear in Shane alot of peace church traditions (e.g. anabaptists) in his speaking and activism. Peace church traditions share common themes with liberationist thought. That’s what you might be hearing in Shane. Plus, an important mentor in Shane’s life is John Perkins out of Mississippi. A Civil Rights veteran and continued advocate for the poor and reconciliation. So you might hear alot of this in Shane which is do to his actual proximity to black folks that have been in the real struggle.

      Honestly I don’t know alot about Rob Bell to even begin to speak. I haven’t thoroughly explored his activity. He appears to be an important and intriguing voice in this season.

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