Trying To Contact Me?

Having a bit of difficulty changing my phone service. If you need to contact me for the next couple of days email me.


3 thoughts on “Trying To Contact Me?

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  1. Anthony, Gail here. You met me and my daughter at the Big Tent conference last month. I am wondering if you and the group are meeting tomorrow at Amelie’s as I’m thinking about coming over. I look forward to seeing you again and meeting the others in your gathering of thinkers and questioners.

    Peace, Gail

  2. Would like to “follow” you but am having difficulty finding how to sign on. Also, would like your e-mail address and cannot find it.

    Thanks for all that you are doing.

    Gary West

  3. Hi Antony,
    I am an Episcopal priest in eastern N.Carolina connected with a retreat center on the coast and came across your blog and emergent church work via Wild Goose Festival. I am intrigued by the intersection of contemplative and ermergent and social justice issues which you are exploring and wonder if you might consider entering a conversation about possibly leading a retreat for whomever might be interested in a setting conducive to extended conversation and extended reflection upon that intersection. wasn’t quite sure how to get in contact with you. M. O.

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