A Review-Reflection on Brian McLaren’s new book Naked Spirituality: A Life With God In 12 Simple Words

I am currently reading Brian McLaren’s latest book Naked Spirituality: A Life with God in 12 Simple Words. I’ve had three weeks to read it finding myself reading only a couple of chapters so far. I am encouraged by the direction that Brian has taken with this recent work. I’ve noticed a progression with Brian’s writings. There is this continual theme of deconstructing/reconstructing Christian faith. If you’ve been tracking his writings over the years you’ll notice the progression from deconstruction to reconstruction.

However, as you’ll see with Brian, it’s not enough to deconstruct our faith (Deconstructionist Jacques Derrida does say that deconstruction is justice). Deconstruction, it seems, is a necessary step towards a healthy vital spirituality. Deconstruction alerts us to the idolatrous beliefs and practices we stake our lives on even at the expense of others, our own souls, and the rest of creation. Without deconstruction or what I like to describe as calling-down-fire-from-heaven-to-burn-up-my conceptual idols is necessary to be able to name, discern, and learn to live in a more just direction than unjust living. But once fire has come down from heaven and I’ve landed on something more just and confident I can begin the journey of reconstruction. I can breath again. And Brian’s book begins this journey. I wish I had this book 10 years ago. I had to settle for St. John of the Cross at the time. But once one has deconstructed the next question is this: now what? What does life with God look now that Jesus is no longer, for me, a white Republican or a Genie in a Bottle, a human pyschological projection?

In this book Brian is talking about something simple: our life with God. It’s not enough to deconstruct our cherished beliefs and practices. We must reimagine our life with God in the wake of deconstruction. How do I tend to the fire of God in my soul without reverting to individualism or engaging the world without the flame of Pentecost? I believe Brian is accomplishing this in this latest book.

In the beginning of the book Brian shares with us his own journey through spiritual experience and experiences. He sets the narrative of his own spiritual journey within the larger context of tectonic shifts in spiritual, religious, and cultural beliefs and practices taking place in our time. This section is very dense. Oftentimes too much bio with too much cultural exegesis. Of course, if you are unfamiliar with Brian’s writings these portions are necessary. However, I suspect he is setting us up with a thick personal and social narrative that will have payoff in later chapters.

Next up…Chapter 1 “Spiritual Experiences and Spiritual Experience”

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  1. Good Evening Anthony,

    My name is Demetrius Burns’ and I follow you on Twitter based on our similar Jesus’ :). Anyway. I was struck by your blog post, as it connects with my process of faith right now. I have traversed and transcended-from Episcopalean, to Pentacostal, to traditional Evangelical, to Anabaptist(which I am starting to settle in now). A powerful concept that I have rested in through my travels through the currents of christianity is the Ken Wilbers mantra of “transcend and include.” This concept is explained in greater detail in his book “A Brief History of Everything” if you are interested. But, in short, the mantra suggests that transcendance is just escape if not accomanied by an ability to include, your past, which is an undeniable part of your personhood. This ability to include, is something that I see Mclaren doing as he is trying to reconstruct Christianity after his de-construction and transcendance of his previous understandings of it…
    I hope we can continue dialogue in the future, keep up the musing!

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