Anthony Smith lives in Salisbury, NC. Anthony is one of the curators (along with this wife Toni Cook-Smith) of Mission House, a kingdom experiment in Salisbury, NC. He is the ‘resident emerging theologian’ of an Emergent Village cohort in Charlotte and a co-host of the emergent cohort in Statesville, NC. He also serves on the leadership team of TransFORM, a global network of missional leaders and communities. He facilitates a blog, Musings of a Postmodern Negro, that is an investigation into the intersection of theology, philosophy, race, popular culture, politics, and emerging culture.

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  1. Hi Anthony,

    I’m the filmmaker behind the upcoming documentary “Hellbound?”, which opens in select theaters across North America starting Sept. 21. In case you haven’t heard of the film, it’s a feature-length doc that asks some critical questions about the idea of hell as a place of eternal torment. The film features Brian McLaren, Mark Driscoll, Sharon Baker, Greg Boyd, Frank Schaeffer, Rob Bell, Jaime Clark-Soles, Kevin DeYoung and many other well known figures. You can watch a trailer and read all about the film here: http://hellboundthemovie.com/.

    I’m writing to you, because I’m seeking to connect with individuals, churches and colleges across North America who would like to help us spread the word about the film, participate in post-screening Q&A sessions, etc. If you’d like to know more about how to get involved, please let me know.

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