Future Letter To The Last One

This is a fictional letter written to a Christian in the distant future. It was inspired by the book project Letters to a Future Church that is hosted by IVP-Likewise books and Patheos. Please check out some of the great letters composed by thoughtful voices in North American Christianity. Here’s my contribution:

Future Letter to the Last One

Dear Rosa Watkins,

I hope all is well with you. I’ve been wanting to write to you for a while. I’ve been waiting for all the media flurry to subside. I can’t imagine how you emotionally survived the overwhelming attention of being the last professing Christian on our dear planet. I was amazed by the coverage and numerous documentaries of your own spiritual journey and how this ancient faith sustained you to its very end. Are you saddened or thrilled to be the last one? I cannot imagine the emotions you are experiencing as you remain the last disciple of a religious tradition that has existed for several centuries.

I’ve had the coveted opportunity of pouring over global archives on the Christian faith. It appeared to be, and I’d add remains to be through you, a resilient faith for centuries. It had its up and down moments. Seasons of complicity with political and social oppression and exclusion. Missed opportunities to be welcoming to all only to give in to harmful and violent human tendencies. In spite of those less than glorious moments in history it still gave witness to a profound counter-instinctual social and political witness of love in a dying world that was plagued by political, social and religious instability. Your faith survived what many call the Circling. When we all nearly brought our small fragile planet to the brink of political and ecological oblivion.

I came across a sermon written by your now deceased pastor, Reverend Josiah Lee, that talked about the completion of what your tradition called the Great Commission. While you have the distinction of being the last Christian, he, of course, has the honor of being celebrated as the last Christian pastor. He said, in his last recorded sermon, that all the nations now follow the teachings of the revered Jesus. I felt a chill down my back when I read the ancient teachings of this person and considered how it has become a vital part of our global socio-political DNA.

Because of this profound Christian witness the global-state we are both privileged to be a part of can not imagine a world where every human being is not given loving dignity by all for all. We cannot imagine a world where a disproportionate number of people live in poverty. In spite of your beloved Christian tradition’s aiding and abetting global injustices until the end of the Circling, the end of the 21st century, something happened.

Your tradition died and rose again in the beginnings of the 21st century to become a global leader to help facilitate what we now see and hear in this present global moment of peace. A world with no war. Where small provinces peacefully collaborate with larger provinces. A global space where we no longer kill each other for a god, a political belief or a natural boundary.

It seems as though Christianity has died and in its ashes the nations were healed. I thank you for your witness to that kind of faith. However, I am saddened by your being the last Christian. But I guess, as you said in a recent press conference, we do not need the Christian faith any longer. You said that Christianity has finally made its calling and election sure. That it has prayed and bled heaven onto the earth for its perpetual healing.

Blessed Memories,


I’ve been tagged!

My brother Glenn over at Glorious has tagged me! 

He's sent me a Faith Reflection Meme:

1.  List three words that describe your faith.

Improvisational, tried, and child-like

2.  Describe one belief about which you are very certain and one belief with which you struggle.

One certain belief? I'll be dead one day.

One belief I struggle with?  I'll be dead one day.

3.  What is your mission in life?

Love God, love neighbor.  To be soul-ful.

4.  Describe one thing that interferes with you authentically living out your faith.

 The feeling that I have nothing to offer the world.

5.  What is your favorite story from the Hebrew Scriptures?  Why?

When a group of youth are eaten by a bear for making fun of the prophet Elisha.  Why?  I don't know but that story always gives me a sadistic chuckle.

6.  What is your favorite New Testament story?  Why?

Pentecost.  Why? God did it then…surely God can do it now.

7.  Describe a meaningful action you took because of your faith.

I drove all the way across the country (from the Seattle area) to plant a church in Charlotte, NC…with a wife and (at the time) 3 kids, no health care, no job prospects, and as we were driving across the state line in to NC we had about $25.00 in our pockets.

8.  Does your faith differ from that of your parents?  If so, how?

Honestly, I don't know.

I9.  Who or what was most important in the development of your faith?

I white brother named "Paul"  from the hills of West Virginia.  This was back in my pre-Jesus days.  He wasn't an 'intellectual' but was bright with the love of God.

10.  Pass it on!  Tag at least two other religious/faith bloggers .

Rod Garvin and Xyborg.

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