When Skies Preach

been here before you
will be here after you
distant yet seen
consistent and unchanging
here for all to see
will you shine like me
say amen to the words we sing
words that have inspired countless bards and holy schemes

when skies preach
the cosmic choir sings

when skies preach
angels spit fire into our souls

when skies preach
nations bow before the Great

say amen to atmospheric prose
the kind that leaves you weeping
in the midst of helpful foes

when skies preach
they say:

O’ ye lil soul.
Satisfied with pusillanimity
Look at me

We are great
and still shine for others to see


I want the fire…

My soul hungers for you Yahweh

I have been complacent

Your holiness is too far from me

I want the fire from heaven

The fire that burns away my complicity with injustice

Spirit, set my soul on fire for the kingdom

Son, reveal your path for me

Father, embrace me as I cry in anguish and shame



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