Missional Prayer: Ephesians 1:3-10

This week my hub church, New Harvest Ministry, finished a long journey through the Hebrew prophets. Next week we begin a prayerful conversation on the apostle Paul’s epistle/letter to the Jesus-community in Ephesus, Ephesians. Prayers are forming as I meditate on the text:

Blessed and Holy Father of Jesus

Heaven and Earth meet in your Son. Brought together in peace are they. In Christ we walk in heavenly places holy and blameless before You, our neighbours, and our enemies. We live and play in a world before and after this present world. May we not continue as slaves to this world. But let us walk in our forgiveness that You have lavished upon us. We thank you that the mystery of Your will has been made known, the bringing together of all things in peace. A new world without end. Amen.

Missional Prayer: Wisdom from Teresa of Avila

The continual word to our faith community for several weeks has been pray, pray, pray! I found this great quote from Teresa of Avila in Benedict Groeschel’s book The Journey Toward God:

“I certainly pity those who serve the Lord at their own cost, because for those who practice prayer the Lord Himself pays the cost, since through their little labor He gives them delight so that with the help of this delight they might suffer trials.” p 36

I’m learning of this delight as we continue the journey deeper into God. Prayer is becoming the breath that sustains us in mission.

Missional Prayer: Spirit limricks

This past Monday friends gathered for Intercessory prayer. We normally start with lectio divina or praying the scriptures together. We have been praying the Gospel of John. Doing lectio divina in a Pentecostal context can be very explosive, in a good way. The verses we prayed were John 1:29-34. What jumped from the page was a limrick:

The work reveals the Son
The Spirit remains
When the work is being done

Missional Prayer: Joining up with the Tabernacled Logos (Word)

For the past several weeks Mission House has teamed up with New Harvest Ministry to do Intercessory prayer in our community. Before each session we do the ancient Christian practice of lectio divina or praying the scriptures. We have been praying thru the Gospel of John. We are still in chapter 1. I hope to journal shareable reflections as we progress in praying John together. One thought from the prologue i’d like to share: John 1:1-14 “Every neighborhood has a Logos calling us to join a specific mission of creative redemption and to incarnate or tabernacle the Divine intent.”

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